Library Policies

Appropriate Library Use Policy

It is the policy of the Brewster Ladies’ Library to provide a comfortable environment that is conducive to the use of library materials either by individuals or small groups. The library is designed for the use of all members of the public. Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members and to use the library for its intended purpose.
The Board of Directors of the Brewster Ladies’ Library has adopted the following policy regarding conduct. Any behavior or activity that interferes with legitimate library business will be prohibited. Persons who fail to observe the following guidelines may be asked to leave the library and library grounds or be subject to arrest.
The following kinds of behavior will not be allowed in the library or on library grounds:
-Any behavior that endangers safety or health.
-Violation of any local, state or federal law.
-Vandalism or deliberate destruction of library property or materials.
-Theft of library materials or the personal property of other patrons or staff members.
-Activities which are disruptive to the library environment.
-Use of abusive language, loud talking or laughing that disrupts or could disrupt other patrons.
-Use of tobacco products or smoking of any type.
-Eating and drinking in areas not designated for these activities
-Panhandling, soliciting and loitering
-Failure to supervise a child, of whom you are a parent or legal guardian, so that he or she does not disturb other persons in the library or damage library property.
These rules are not all inclusive of every behavior that will be regulated on library property. The Brewster Ladies’ Library Director and staff reserve the right to prohibit any behavior or action that may be inappropriate or disruptive.

Internet Use Policy

The Brewster Ladies’ Library, in accordance with its mission to provide free and convenient access to information, offers its patrons access to the Internet by means of either public computers or wireless devices. Patrons are required to agree to the Acceptable Internet Use Policy before using the Internet.
Since there is no restriction on the content or quality of the material available on the Internet, the Library cannot be responsible for what is accessed.
As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the sole responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. We cannot guarantee or supervise the safety and security of minors when they are using the Internet or any other forms of direct electronic communications. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to monitor their child’s Internet access and behavior while they are online in the Library
The Library’s Internet connection is not secure and any information being entered or transmitted could be intercepted, viewed by another user, or lost.
It is illegal for patrons to use the Library’s Internet access to view, print, send or receive images, graphics or any other material that violate Massachusetts or Federal laws relating to pornography.
Patrons may not violate copyright or trademark laws, software licensing agreements or intellectual property rights, or download material covered by these laws.
The staff may observe use of the computers to ensure that this policy and appropriate standards of behavior are maintained. Library privileges may be suspended for misuse of or damage to equipment, for behavior that is disruptive to the operation of the library and its patrons, and for any inappropriate behavior deemed to be a violation of any library policy.
Approved June 16, 2011 by the Board of the Brewster Ladies’ Library Association

Meeting Room Policy

The Brewster Ladies’ Library welcomes the public use of its meeting facilities in keeping with the Library’s mission “ to be a cultural and life-long learning community center that provides free access to a range of resources, activities and professional assistance to further enhance the quality of life.”
Meeting Rooms may not be booked by “for profit” or commercial groups. Groups or individuals must be of an educational, philanthropic, cultural or civic nature holding public meetings that are free of charge. All meetings held in the auditorium must be open to the public. Library staff will have free access to all meeting rooms at all times.
The library subscribes to the equitable use of its facilities. Permission to use the meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement of an organization’s policies or beliefs.

The Library has priority for use of all its facilities and meeting rooms and reserves the right to preempt any scheduled meetings.
There is no charge for use of the meeting rooms but donations are welcome.
Goods or materials may not be sold or advertised at meetings without the permission of the Library Director.
No smoking is allowed on any library property. No alcoholic beverages may be dispensed or consumed on library property. No open flame is permitted at any time.
Groups shall, at their own expense, procure any license or permit necessary for the conduct of their meetings and the license or permit must accompany the application for room use.
Groups are responsible for the security, safety and behavior of the group. Children must be supervised by group members and pick up of children must be monitored by the group.
Permission for use of a room is not transferable to another individual or group.
Political candidates may reserve the library’s auditorium for two hour events as availability allows. During the seven day period preceding an election, a single candidate may reserve the auditorium only once.
Surveys, polls, petitions, nominations papers, promotional material or any political literature directed specifically to Brewster citizens may be left, (at the owner’s risk) in the designated public information section for general public review.
The Library Director and/or the Library Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse the use of the library meeting rooms or cancel any reservation when deemed the action to be in the best interest of the Library and/or Town.
Any questions of interpretation of this policy will be referred to the Library Board of Directors and no meetings will be booked until that Board renders a decision.
Disclaimer: The library assumes no liability for injuries to persons who are on library premises or for damages to any equipment or property. The groups or persons using the library meeting rooms agree to accept all equipment and property as is and waive any and all claims against the library and the Town of Brewster, its officials, and employees and/or agents for any injury, accident, illness, or expense or claim of damage of any kind whether to person or property, which may occur as a result of the use of the library facilities by such persons or groups under their express, implied or apparent authority.
Updated and Approved by Brewster Ladies’ Library Board: November 20, 2014

Safe Child Policy

The Brewster Ladies’ Library strives to create a welcoming, educational and safe environment for our youth. The library offers age appropriate materials and programs as well as a knowledgeable, friendly staff that promotes a love of books, reading, and lifelong learning. The safety and welfare of every child is of the utmost importance and to ensure this, the Brewster Ladies’ Library has established the following Safe Child Policy.
Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver at all times while using the Brewster Ladies’ Library. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the materials their children select. Parents who wish to monitor their children’s reading material should personally oversee their children’s selections. The Brewster Ladies’ Library offers Internet access. Parents and caregivers are responsible for supervising their children’s usage of the Internet.
The safety of children left alone in the library is a serious concern. If children are found to be unattended, library staff will attempt to locate the caregiver within the building. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the Brewster Police Department will be contacted and asked to pick up the unattended child. The library staff is not responsible for supervising unattended children. Parents should be aware of library hours. If at closing time, children 10 years and under are found to be without a caregiver present, the staff will make an effort to contact a caregiver for immediate pick-up. The library staff will not transport children. If arrangements cannot be made, the Brewster Police Department will be notified. Library staff will remain with the child until Brewster Police arrive.

Teen Room Policy

The Teen Room at the Brewster Ladies’ Library provides a safe and welcoming environment for teens to gather, socialize, and use the library’s resources. The space is designed and intended exclusively for young adults between the ages of 12 and 18. All seating in the Teen Room is reserved for 12 to 18 year old patrons. An adult may accompany a young adult into the Teen Room for the purpose of assisting with any tasks. Materials in the Teen Room are selected for the young adult population but are available to all patrons. Any library patron may visit the Teen Room to find and select material for borrowing.
Teen Room computers are to be used only by patrons between the ages of 12 and 18. Computer use is limited to thirty minutes if other teen patrons are waiting. Food and drink are not permitted at computer stations. The library has a policy of open access; Internet sites and content are not restricted. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for establishing appropriate computer use guidelines and boundaries for young adults’ Internet use. Please protect your own privacy with safe computer and Internet practices.