Helpful Websites

Homework Help:

College – Getting In and Paying For It:

Local Schools:

Free Ways to Get Creative!

  • Animoto – Easily turn your pictures and text into a cool video
  • beatlab – Make and edit music!
  • Comic Master – This site helps you design your own comic strips or graphic novels, providing characters, backgrounds, and more
  • deviantART – Show off your creative projects – art, writing, whatever – and check out what other people have posted
  • Figment – Are you a writer? Check out Figment to share with the world on a site sometimes perused by publishers, and to join a community of writers
  • Gamestar Mechanic – Interested in making video games? This site lets you do it for free, plus play other people’s games and a lot more
  • Hackasaurus – Want to learn a little web design? Find it here!
  • JibJab – Insert your face or your friends’ faces to make hilarious personalized video e-cards
  • Picmonkey – Edit your photos with a ton of cool tools
  • Piktochart – Create all kinds of cool infographics – a great way to spice up school assignments!
  • Popplet – Store and share your ideas in a fun visual web
  • StoryCasting – Who do you picture playing the star of your favorite book? Create and share your fantasy casting for the books you love!
  • Xtranormal – Create an easy 3-D movie – all you have to do is write the script and choose the characters!

Other Good Stuff:

  • Mint – Learn to manage your money like a pro – you can get a free account and use the site to help you budget
  • Sporcle – Test your knowledge with fun quizzes on everything from past presidents to Harry Potter
  • Sync – Download free audiobooks every summer