Nickerson 2016 Lectures Now Available for Viewing

As part of the 2016 Frances M. Nickerson Lecture Series, Thomas Farragher, a Boston Globe columnist and associate editor, spoke about journalism and the eight years he spent as the editor of the Spotlight Team in Boston. His presentation was recorded and can now be viewed here.


Michael Coyne, Professor of Educational Psychology in the Special Education Program at the University of Connecticut and a Researcher for the Center for Behavioral Education and Research spoke about the teaching of reading. Dr. Coyne has expertise in beginning reading and early vocabulary. His pilot reading initiative is showing dramatic positive results for children in grades K-3.

His presentation can now be viewed here.


Byron Pitts,  Emmy-award winning journalist and co-anchor of ABC’s Nightline, spoke about the importance of literacy. Author of Step Out on Nothing, Pitts chronicled his story of overcoming illiteracy and a debilitating stutter, turning struggles into strength.

His presentation is available here.