The Library’s 5-Year Plan


This five year plan for the Brewster Ladies’ Library was approved by the Library Board on April 20, 2017. It was approved by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners in May, 2017.

The creative process for this new strategic plan for the Brewster Ladies’ Library began in 2013 when a Feasibility Committee began studying the Library facility and assessing how well it served the community’s needs. This led to a proposed building program that was heavily influenced by community input gathered through a community survey and focus groups in 2015 and community forums in 2016. The Library applied for a Construction Grant in January 2017. The Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 addresses the goal to design a building to meet community needs and a plan to provide library services during the renovation and post construction.

The plan will be reviewed and assessed annually by the Library Board and staff to ensure it remains vital. The Board and staff welcome your comments and suggestions.

Brewster Ladies’ Library Strategic Plan 2017-2021